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21st birthday parties normally fit in one of two types. One is with friends and family, and the other are parties with just friends. The first will often include a large age range and the music mix may vary from the current charts to golden oldies. Many family birthday parties are a mixture of young and old, and so itís essential to find the right blend of music to keep everyone happy. This is not just a case of playing a chart tune followed by a hit from yester year etc. Getting the balance of music right is essential to create the right party atmosphere. The other type of party is with friends of the same age, often friends have similar music tastes so this type of party will have a more focused music mix. It helps to send the DJ a list of special records, but don't over do it, 100% play lists do not work, about 10 - 30 tunes is perfect.

A 21st birthday party with few people over 25 years old attending will have a different mix of music to one with people of mostly mixed and senior years. Each party is unique, one style does not fit all. The music we play will be dependant on the type of party you are having and the make up of the audience.

You don't have to be 21 to have a 21st birthday party. Once we did a birthday party for a gentleman who was a granddad and claimed it was his 21st. He admitted it wasn't his exact 21st birthday, but at the time hadn't got round to organising the party because of the war, he said "it was now time to start counting backwards".

Since 1978 Pro mobile Disco has provided DJs for Birthday Party for all ages. This includes numerous 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th Birthday parties and upwards etc. We also provided a very special surprise party for the oldest birthday boy who was 94 years young. (Discount available to anyone 100 or over and free if accompanied on the night by both parents). On that occasion we had to check if the gentleman had a dodgy ticker just in case. It turned out he was a spritly old soul who was a variety entertainer in the 1930's when the evening got going he showed us he still had some disco moves.

Only by hiring a versatile DJ experienced in all kinds of Birthday parties and different music styles will ensure your 21st birthday party will be the unforgettable and special celebration you are planning for. For more information check our main website by clicking the home button or contact us direct for a great disco deal.

Every mobile discos will claim to have experienced DJ's and provide a 100% professional mobile disco service. Check our recommendation section to see we always deliver what we promise, click Mobile Disco Reviews. Unfortunately if you book a the wrong DJ you cannot re-spin the clock and your 21st birthday party may not be the great success it should be. For loads more info on visit the Pro Mobile Disco†main home page. Contact the party professionals Pro Mobile Disco for a great DJ at affordable rates.